Monday, 2 March 2015

Review on Flower Pot Ice Cream

Have you ever heard about Flower Pot Ice Cream?

Well, if you are staying in Malaysia, this ice cream is an 'it' thing nowadays.

Besides, it's pretty hot in Malaysia right now and this ice cream will help you to cool you down.

I always found lots of post on my Facebook wall, but unfortunately I never have any chance to taste one.

But guess what? I finally taste one last week! ** (^-^)

This is how my Flower Pot Ice Cream looks like

So basically, it is an ice cream ( or 2 or 3 ) scoop been put in a flower pot rather than putting in a plastic cup, paper cup or ice cream cone.

First, slices of  fruit cakes or banana cakes ( it can be any cake, but for this one, I choose banana cake) to be put as the base of the ice cream.

Then, in my case, 3 scoops of raspberry ripple ice cream been put on top of the cakes. (They offer lots of range of ice cream, but at this kiosk, only have 3 flavor - raspberry ripple, chocolate and vanilla)

And then, crushed Oreo cookies been put on top of the ice cream to represent 'soil'

Add some sugar sprinkles, coco crunch cereal, honey star cereal and cheap almost look like M&M chocolate inside it...

And lastly, stick the 'Love Letter Julie Brand' biscuit on the top of it.

Tada.. Presenting.... 'the' Flower Pot Ice Cream.

It's kinda cute and colourful, but for RM5.00, I don't feel it is reasonable to charge that price with this kind of quality.

The taste is just plain. 'So - so'

Nothing much to proud of eating it, kind of disappointing my high expectation.

But the seller work of art can be applaud of (weak applause..sigh)

Maybe this seller did not put much effort on it since when I Google from other seller, their ice cream looks like this

Pictures: credit as per watermark and Google Search

These 2 picture looks so appetising and interesting as well. I won't feel bad paying RM 5.00 for such experience.

Anyhow, that is how I experience my first Flower Pot Ice Cream. Maybe my view will change when I manage to find a great, cool and meet my expectation some time.

Just keep searching and I will find one someday (^ - ^)

And I will make a comparison review then  :)

This is my Rating Looks Like

a) Presentation

b) Effort of the seller


d) Cleanliness

e)Work Of Art



How is your Flower Pot Ice Cream Experience?

Till next time!

xoxo, Hanna

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