Sunday, 29 March 2015

Trip to The Shore Oceanarium, Malacca Part 2 + Munching Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Salam and Annyeong to all of you!! 

Now let's continue the 2nd part of my trip to The Shore Oceanarium , Malacca.

There are a lot of small aquariums to display lots of beautiful, unique looking sea creature that I never saw in my life.

Like this Mantis Shrimp. I never knew that shrimp can be so colourful like rainbow. 

           A heart lookalike Sea Cucumber

    "Hello. I am a Box Crab that looks like a ladies purse" (^ - ^)

Melon Sea Urchin. So kawaii!!

    Scary Black Longspine Urchin

This is example one of the station that need to wear the 3D glasses ( there is a picture of a 3D glasses that require you to wear it)

                     A HUGE Ocean Theatre and that is my older brother to compared it. My brother is kinda kawaii, right? (^ - ^)

I am so 'damn worried' about my sister been eaten by Bruce the Shark, but I guess my sister enjoyed been in Bruce's stomach..Puhaha... (^ - ^)

This fish is a casanova... Why? Scroll down below to reveal it!


At first, he ( or she? IDK, but since 'it' flirt with women, so I assume it is he..LOL) flirt with me to take his picture and now, he is playing kissing game with my little sister =P

A smiling fish that melt my heart...dududu...

Self explanatory exhibition to learn more about sea shells. 


Ghost Fish? 

  Another smiling fish (^ - ^)

This is Yangtze Sturgeon. The fish which lay a very expensive and famous caviar.

And the moment that I am waiting for. Turtles!!! 


Feeding time. They eat like crazy and I wish to feed them more. 
It is so much fun to watch them eat the food (^ - ^) 
The container is too little and the food is too little. I will buy 10 on my next visit (determine!) =P

Swimming peacefully...

And that's the end of the adventure in Oceanarium. And of course, there is a souvenir shop selling a whole type of souvenir including plush toy, cups, mugs, t-shirts, fridge magnets and lots more. My sister bought some fridge magnets and t-shirts. And I end up buying pens and these two creature

This is 부엉이 (Puong)

Say hello to Cumi (with red lips...Sexy!) (^ - ^)

Then, we return back the quiz paper and this is our mystery gift

Rubber keychain...So cute...Thank you, Wanie (my little sister) who work hard by stamping the form during the visit! (^-^)

And these is the pamphlet looks like

We get a little hungry after the (mis) adventure and deiced to have some quick bite. After a several decision, we decided to have some Fried Chicken called 'Hot Star Fried Chicken'  

The boneless chicken is quite big, come together with french fries and a medium size soft drink 
 (mine is coke) 

I end up choosing Cheese Chicken while other choose Original Chicken

Notice my nail? I am wearing a Muslimah BK Water based Nail Polish. Will do review in the next blog. 

This is my sister's choice. Seaweed Chicken. In my opinion, this is the best taste compared to mine and the original one. 

Overall, the taste is OK. Not too tasty and not too bland. But it is a good concept and you can eat it while on the go. 

**Update: I just got to know that they have franchise at Amanjaya Mall, Sungai Petani, Kedah, But never been yet.

So, that's all folks. Hope you enjoy reading it and see you in the next blog! Love ya!

xoxo, Hanna

Trip to The Shore Oceanarium, Malacca Part 1

Salam and Happy Sunday to all of you!

For today's post, I'm going to share my overdue retreat to Malacca, last Chinese New Year Holiday. I went to Malacca for 4 days 3 night trip together with my family. 

Currently, my dad is staying in Malacca in order to handle a sewerage project in Alor Gajah. He been there around 8 months already but we do not have chance to visit his place. So, we are taking this long holiday to spend some quality time with my dad and at the same time I want to see how much Malacca have change after I left the city in 2004.

Oh, forgot to tell you. I used to study in Malacca at MARA Professional College for 1 year in order to fulfill the requirement of foundation of my course Higher National Diploma ( or HND for short) in Business and Marketing. Then after 1 year, I move to Seri Iskandar, Perak to take HND in Business and Marketing for 3 years. So, 1 year of foundation and 3 years of the proper diploma takes me around 4 years just to complete my HND study! During that time, I always joke around with the elders who always ask me why I took so much time just to complete my diploma.

"Well, makcik (aunt in malay) I am taking medical course, that's why."

And then I will left them puzzle about what exactly I am doing. That's the only way to shut their mouth and stop talking nonsense about me.

Actually, during that time, my course is an experimental course which is my batch is the first batch in Malaysia to take HND. So, of course there is glitch, delay, misunderstanding etc..etc..and it takes time to make it right. Our test and papers are originally from United Kingdom (*so proud of myself*) and we do have privilege to continue our bachelor degree in UK.  The 'UK people' only grant 1 scholarship to the best student who score more than 3.5 CGPA. I only score 3.2 so, I am not eligible to get the scholarship, but I do got the offer to continue the study at Bradford University. Unfortunately, due to money restriction, and that time, my dad just finished doing his heart surgery,  I decided to continue my study in UiTM, Malaysia.

Okay, enough about my education background. I will tell you more later in the future blog (^ - ^) Now, back to my latest trip and I found out that my old campus is no more there in Jalan Hang Tuah. The campus have moved to Tiang Dua, Air Molek which I do not have any idea where it is (google map and waze, please..)  and during our 4 days 3 night there, we stay at my dad's rent house in Rembia, Alor Gajah.

We went there by bus 'Cepat Express' from Sungai Petani at 10.30 pm and we reach Alor Gajah Sentral around 5 am

The tickets

On 2nd day in Malacca, we went to The Shore Oceanarium which is situation in The Shore Shopping Centre, a new mall at the heart of Bandar Hilir, Malacca.

Some of the place at The Shore @ Malacca River is still under construction, so, the outside environment is not too pretty to be capture via my camera. 

But here is the brochure about what's cooking in The Shore

And the Oceanarium is situated at the 2nd Floor

Entrance Fees:

Adults  -  RM28
Child  -  RM18
Senior Citizen  -  RM18

Optional Add-ons:

3D Interactive Package  -  RM5 (3D glasses will be given)
Feeding Frenzy Package  -  RM10 (Fish food will be given for you to feed the fishes and turtles)

Operating Hours:

Opened daily from 10.30am - 9.00pm (Last admission is 8.00pm)

And we bought the 3D Interactive Package and Foods (looking forward to feed the turtles!!)

3D Glass

The Oceanarium Tickets

As been told by the friendly staff there, this is only the first phase. The second phase will be coming soon by the end of the year or in the early year 2016

So off we go inside the building after our tickets been scanned by the pretty staff there (^-^) (seriously, that lady is really pretty) 

And we been greet by this Albino Eastern Snake-Neck Turtle

Then we went to the most attractive place of this Oceanarium, The Interactive Touch Pool, where I got to touch lots of sea creature. The sea creatures offers to be touch are the same concept as been offer at Aquaria, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.

Sea Cucumber - so colourful!

A little bit shy Sand Shark. I love touching them. Their skin is so sandy and hard. That's why their name is Sand Shark

Horseshoe Crab. I am a little bit afraid of this creature especially their sharp, pointy tail. But the truth is they are friendly and wait to be touch (^-^)

      Starfish!! Such a cutie! 

Then we move on and found this place

These Magical Vacuum Aquariums is a special place where it defies gravity and water doesn't go out when we stick our hands in the holes. Such a great trick (^ - ^)

So, I learn something new in here and this Oceanarium also gave us a paper of dual language (English and Bahasa Malaysia) quizzes that need to be answer and in return we will get a mystery gift. 

We have to stamp the answer according to the station provided there

Example of station

Other than sea creatures, this Oceanarium also offers reptiles and butterfly

O-hai Bearded Dragon Lizard (^ - ^)

Want to see more what sea creature been offer here? And why my sister been eaten by Bruce the Big Bad Shark?

Find out more in Part 2 and expect some drooling cuisine in my next blog!

Till next time, xoxo, Hanna