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Trip to Ipoh, Perak: The story of Food Paradise in Malaysia Part 2

Salam and Annyeong to all of you!! 

What do you think of my 1st part of  Food Paradise? Do you think you want to give it a try? 

Now let's continue the 2nd part of my foodie trip to Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia!

Morning arrived and we have breakfast at the Coffee House at the Lobby area

Nothing much they offer in the morning. But still satisfied our stomach (^-^)

In the afternoon, we decide to try the new Halal Dimsum Restaurant that my sister googled it.

After several turn and u-turn, with the help of Waze Application (Thank you for Waze creator, you safe our life!!! ) we manage to find it!

GreenTown Dimsum Cafe
No: 10, Persiaran Greentown 4,
Greentown Avenue, 
30450 Ipoh, Perak
Tel & Faks: 05 - 2552010
Business Hour: 8.00 am to 9.00 am (Closed on Tuesday) 

The cafe is quite pack but the service is over the top! I really love how professional they are handling their customer despite of the huge crowds.

Free wifi

And this is what we bring back home

Sorry, forgot the name of the menu :P but this is steam rice with chicken and mushroom and the other side is variety of the dimsum. Totally delicious!

Maatitsuhyo!! (^-^)

And for dinner, we are planning to go to Medan Selera Taman Kanak - Kanak situated at Jalan Dato Tahwil Azhar, Ipoh. But due to heavy rainpour and the place is really crowded with people due to long weekend, we decided to take away the foods.

If you happens to be in Ipoh, please do try these foods from this Medan Selera Taman Kanak - Kanak. My first recommendation is Chicken Soup from Gerai Darus No. 12

Picture courtesy of

No 2, Popiah Basah from Gerai S.S Ali

A must try delicacy. 

No 3, Satay Ayam or Lembu from Satay Endut stall


And lastly, Ice Kacang Special from Gerai Makanan Ah Seng

Picture courtesy from

Before I return back to our room, I decided to pay a visit at the Bakery near the Coffee House. But I decided not to buy anything since we already take away a lot of food from the Medan Selera. So, I just take the picture of the dessert sand bread offer there. 

Coconut Tart...Sound delicious

Cream cake

Variety of pan (breads) 

And the last day has come. The third day. And we need to check out from the hotel at 12 noon. So, before we return home, we have our breakfast at the hotel cafe at the lobby.

Th concept is big english breakfast with baked bean, roasted potatoes and bread.

I opt for guava fruit juice, while my sister choose apple juice

Bread, muffins and papaya and watermelon fruits

So shiny...Ooishi! (^-^)

And before we packed our suitcase to check out, I decided to bring back to Sungai Petani chocolate Eclair and white chocolate Eclair with strawberry sprinkle. The box is so grand and luxurious as I am buying a diamond from that cafe

This is my first time eating eclair and I love it so much!! Well, what do you expect from a sweet tooth like myself? (^-^)

And that's the wrap from me, reporting about my Ipoh Food Paradise Trip. Thank you Ipoh for having us. Thank you for the abundance of food that you have offer here. We really enjoy our family bonding here. 

So long and see you again next time, Ipoh!

Till next time!

xoxo, Hanna

Trip to Ipoh, Perak: The story of Food Paradise in Malaysia Part 1

Salam and Annyeong to all of you!

First of all, apologies from the bottom of my heart for the hiatus for almost 5 months. There are lots of things happen in my life offline and I am battling with personal issues on should I continue blogging or should I abandon this site?

But I guess due to lack of motivation and discipline, I fail to continue blogging for 5 months. I am terribly sorry about that and I wish it won't happen again. I will try my best to blog regularly and I really need your support on that. Wish me luck...Hwaiting! (^-^)   

For today entry, would like to share with you my overdue trip to Ipoh during my birthday month, May. I went to Ipoh to celebrate my birthday and at the same time, family bonding. We choose Ipoh since our family are foodies and Ipoh is the best food paradise in northern area beside Penang.

We start our journey after Friday's Prayer and our first food destination is at Bukit Merah. There is a new Ramly's Cafe ( Ramly is a brand which is famous in Malaysia which related to poultry, beef and process food industry) which just open this year and we decided to give a try through this trip.

Situated at the Bukit Merah R & R entrance, beside KFC

The Ramly's Cafe Signboard

As I entered the cafe, the warm and cozy environment greet you with the smell of delicious meat on grill.

The menu

The counter

The choices for meat and chicken ( For Chicken Chop and Steak)

Super friendly staffs but unfortunately super slow as well.

I have to wait about 1 hour just to get our order. *sigh* But patience is a virtue because I believe they are new and they still need to adjust themselves to cater hungry crowded people at that time. (The place is quite pack since it was a long weekend, Friday to Sunday break due to Labour Day and Wesak Day) 

Me and my little dongsaeng opt for Oblong Beef Burger

My mom's menu, Fish and Chips

My dad's choice, Black Pepper Chicken Chop

So, this is my rating looks like ( out of 5 ) :

1) Presentation

2) Service ( I would give 4 over 5 but unfortunately the slow service affect my judgement) 

3) Taste

4) Cleanliness

5) Work of Art ( Well, nothing much to impress on fast food restaurant's menu) 

6) Environment

If you are a fan of Ramly product range, you surely need to try at lease once to eat here

And beside the cafe, they also sell the Ramly product which you can buy there at the discounted rate

Entrance of Ramly Halal Mart 

Courtesy of Google Search

After having our lunch, off we go to Impiana Hotel Ipoh for our 3 days 2 night accommodation. 

Classic yet luxuries feeling. 

I have a great fond to this place because I always come here since I was 7 years old. My dad never fail staying at this hotel whenever he got meeting in Ipoh. Then, my family always tag along and we constantly have the short retreat here. I have witness the changes of this hotel from the management, the staffs to the name of the hotel, the menu and the interior for almost 23 years. And still, this hotel always remain very dear to my heart and my family as well.

At night, we decided to try the dinner buffet offer at the hotel. 

I forgot to take the picture of the food because we are extremely hungry and literally we have turn ourself to be a piranha :P

But what attracts me for the menu tonight is the desserts. Abundance choice of dessert ( well, I am sweet tooth... I can' help it...)

Isn't it lovely? (drooling...) (^-^)

Look at those scrumptious chocolate and strawberry...Yum..Yum..Yum!!

Blackcurrant jelly with Strawberry Slice 

At that night, since I do not have any specific activity, I decided to do some squishy photoshoot. Well, something about me. I am a squishy collector (^-^) And I have been collecting squishy since 2011. And I always bring my squishy on my trip...

My Hello Kitty Fruits Mascot Squishy Collection

Well, kinda fail since I can see the television reflection at the background and the colour of squishy doesn't show up....*sweatdrops*  Will work hard more to improvise my photography skill! Hwaiting! (^-^)

Want to know what I have for my food paradise trip for the day 2? And do you know there is Halal Dimsum in Ipoh?

Find out more in Part 2 and expect more over the top cuisine in my next blog!

Till next time, xoxo, Hanna