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1st Blog for 2016 - Trip to Penang Anime Matsuri Summer Party 2015

It's 2016 already!! Oh my gosh! There is so much item I would like to share with you, but still pending due to my lack of motivation...Sigh...

But fear no more! I will try my best to blog regularly starting now! Wish me luck!! (^-^)

Okay, without further ado, would like to share with you my experience attending this party.

On 23rd and 24th of May, me and my friend Laily from Kuala Lumpur decided to have a short vacation in Penang, the Pearl of Orient. 

The activities and the layout of the event.

We stay in Penang for 3 days 2 night and we went to the Penang Anime Matsuri Summer Party 2015 only on 1st day. Honestly we want to attend it for 2 days but both of us feel quite frustrated on the Day 1 due to lack of activities and booth and we decided to cancel the 2nd Day plan.

Yup, the hype of this event is over the top, but unfortunately, in my opinion, the organiser fail to deliver what we expect to experience, especially the Matsuri Experience Zone. I have experience the 'Bon Odori' festival in Penang in 2012 and I expect it will be something like that, but no...Far from my high expectation. I really wish to make my friend Laily who want to experience it after all my talks during Bon Odori.  But it fail to make her experience the fun that I keep tell her about...Sigh... I am not sure what went wrong, but still, I enjoy the vendor who sell their item since they are really nice and friendly and give me lots of discounts and extra.

So, enjoy the photospam.

My favourite character at the moment. Oo-kun, mascot from Animax. (Sorry for shaky picture.. This is what happen when you ask your friend to take picture for you...Sigh...)

The booth, the crowd, the interior of the hall

I spot cosplay!

Cosplay Superstar is doing their 'thing'... Hana and Baozi. I'm not into cosplay, but I really adore their effort. 

 The entrance

More cosplay girl at Matsuri Experience Zone

My friend Laily kind of lost because she is quite frustrated with the Matsuri Zone.

The entrance of Matsuri Experience Zone

Token need to be bought here to play all those game that they offer. Quite pricey in my opinion with 'oh-not-so-good' games offered

Some people just having their time relaxing at lush green field before waiting to enter concert experience zone. 

The booths

The game...Catching the water balloons, Yo-yo Tsuri ( ヨーヨーつり)

The concert zone

Me posing with concert stage at the back

After those disappointment (even there is no vendor selling japanese street food at all!) we decided to take stroll by the sea. And here is Laily been force to make a cute pose by me to cheer her up.  

Such a beautiful sea and I spot some cruise there. 

At 7pm, we decided to take our dinner here.  As per my google search, this is a must try food and drink that we should have if we go to Penang.  Jalil Coconut Shake is the best! 

Queuing to order Hameed 'Pata' Special Mee Sotong....Superb choice! Look at the line to prove it 

My dinner. Mee Goreng Sotong with coconut shake while Laily choose Mee Rebus Sotong

The event at night.

And this is what the damage that I had done to my money...Hohohoho....

1. Ookun Tote Bag (The white one)
2. Ookun Luggage Tag (and I bought extra for Laily and my sister as well as gift)
3. Ookun Plush
4. Ookun Notebook
5. Cat Ear Hairband (for my sister)
6. Totoro Keychain (this is handmade!)
7. Totoro Plush (Handmade as well)
8. Hatsune Miku Keychain (a gift for my friend)
9. Owl keychain (extra from really nice vendor)
10. Free Gift paperbag from Animax

Hatsune Miku Close up. Look at how beautiful it is.

Back. Such a great detail!

The business card of the handmade plushie.  She is really nice and friendly. And she give me generous discount and freebies. 

Overall, this  Penang Anime Matsuri Summer Party 2015 is really suitable for current / hit anime enthusiastic and also cosplayer because you can get the exclusive anime merchandise sold there and also you manage to buy lots of cosplay item to complete your cosplay passion.

I am an anime lover but not too much. I do read manga and watch anime but it been a while I did not follow up the latest trend and latest anime. Among all the anime character, Sailormercury and Cardcaptor Sakura hold a very dear place in my heart since they are my childhood 'friends'. Unfortunately, they did not sell those merchandise due to the anime is really quite awhile. Anyhow, I still enjoy this party despite of lacking here and there. 

My hope is that, if they decided to do again this year, I really wish they could improve the Matsuri Experience Zone by setting lots of Matsuri game booth, selling more Japanese related item and by offering Japanese food as they done it for Bon Odori Festival. It surely create the atmosphere as we are really in Japan. 

So, that's all about my experience for  Penang Anime Matsuri Summer Party 2015. Not much because there is not much offer there. Will post about my visit to Trick Museum in Penang and also other activities that I have done during my visit here in Penang in the next blog.

See you again soon!

xoxo, Hanna

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