Sunday, 8 March 2015

Kawaii Findings: Doraemon x White Castle Butter Cookies

Every Saturday, it's kind of routine for me to go to this supermarket called 'Billion' near my office. The reason is to buy canned food for my cat.

Yes, I have a cat. (^ - ^)

Why Billion? This is because they have been selling 'Friskies' brand canned food at the cheapest price compared to other supermarket at my hometown in Sungai Petani. So why spend more to get the same good quality product where you can get the lowest price in Billion? So, here I go to Billion every Saturday to serve 'The Furball Queen' at my house (^ - ^)

'The Furball Queen' 

After choosing 2 types of flavour Friskies canned food, my eyes suddenly caught an attention with this kawaii product

It is butter cookies White Castle x Doraemon. Isn't it adorable?

With only RM 10.90, you will get 1 tin of butter cookies and free chocolate breakfast cereal. 

The attractive packaging makes me to buy it without the second thought. *Marketing, why thou art so genius?* 

Here is the rest of the packaging

O-hai, Doraemon Clan (^ - ^) 


The Cereal Box

The back of the Cereal Box got 'Find the Difference' Game

And lastly,

The cookies...Yummy!

Hope you enjoy looking at this kawaii-ness as much I enjoy it

Will post more of kawaii findings later

Till next time! 

xoxo, Hanna 

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