Friday, 13 March 2015

Healthy Mixed Fruit Infused Water

Salam and hello to all of you! (^-^)

The weather nowadays are slightly hot and yesterday in Sungai Petani, Kedah, the temperature risen up to 35 degree Celsius!  

Pretty hot isn't it?

So, we need to take a very good care of our self and drink a lot, a lot of water to quench our thirst, keep our body temperature to normal and to hydrate our self.

I am not very keen person to only drink plain water since I am a sweet tooth  kind of person. I love soft drinks, juices and cordial. But for this year, I decide to change my habit for the sake of my health.

But how to keep myself hydrate by drinking plain water? For me, plain water taste...plain...Fullstop...*sigh*

While surfing the internet, I finally found the solution.

The magic word : Infused water.

Pretty word, isn't it?

So, the "Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo" Hajime Kindaichi appear inside me

What is infuse water?

Picture from Google Search.

According to my reading, as I can summerise it a process of adding fruits and herbs in water and left it chill in your refrigerator overnight or simple drink it in room temperature after adding the selective fruits and herbs in your plain water.

Simple isn't it? (how many times I use 'isn't it?' in this blog? Gomen-nasai..)

Some people exchange the plain water with coconut juice or sparkling water...But it's up to the preference of one individual.

Sound interesting, fun and healthy as well.   

And I found so many recipe and picture which encourage me to try on my own. 

Pictures from Google Search.

So I started to make 2 yesterday

How does it look? Sooo pretty! (^ - ^)

You can use Mason Jar, Tupperware bottle,  glass with lid or jug to do infused water. But in my case, I only use Lady's Choice Mayonnaise Jar ( I have it around 20 jars been kept in our kitchen - my dad really love to keep glass jar) 

For this one, I have add slices strawberry ( around 10 slices), red grapes ( 5 slices) green grapes ( 5 slices) and 5 fresh mint leaves. And then I add water from Coway water dispenser.

While for this one, which I use Tupperware clear bottle, I have add 1- slices of red apples, red grapes (I think around 10 slices) and 10 slices green grapes. Lastly, to experiment with taste, I end up adding coconut juice which I find taste is really refreshing.

I enjoy doing it and it's kind of fun doing experiment on mixing this and that fruits. Feels like I have my own lab science in the kitchen. (my mom always keep an eye if I making a mess in her kitchen, but I always clean up the kitchen after using it :D )

For today, I have add cucumber, lemon and fresh mint leaves. Base on my google snoop, this mixture manage to aid weight loss and make your skin supple. Speaking about 2 in 1 benefits and I can enjoy drinking plain water without worrying about calories and sugar contain (^-^) 

Credit picture from website:

Hope you guys can give a try and enjoy it as much as I do.

Till next time.

Have a great weekend tomorrow!

xoxo, Hanna

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