Sunday, 26 April 2015

Unboxing Package: Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser

Salam and happy weekend to all of you!

I am pretty excited this week because it almost the end of April and I am looking forward for this weekend...And.... Long holiday!!! (^-^) Oh, I just love holiday...Well, who doesn't? =D

I just love May because most probably it was my birth month..Feel so good on my birth month (^-^)

Last weekend my little baby sister dongsaeng surprised me and my mom with a package from Kuala Lumpur.

And when I open it, tadaa...

(Super excited!!)

It was Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser which is on my wishlist item must buy on early of the year! How did you read my mind, Dongsaeng? 

My sister bought the gold and blue colour. My mom choose the gold colour while I choose the blue one since blue is one of my favourite colour. 

The looks is so sophisticated, sleek and it is really light. Really suitable for traveling... 

(Up-closed of the brand) 

The brush is really fine and I cannot capture it on my camera. And smooth too. I can imagine how tender this gadget going to treat my highly demand skin (LOL)

(Hello Kitty Ice Cream Squishy. I thought is a good combination to put the squishy as decoration. And I am a squishy collector =D )

I love the idea that this gadget got stand on it's own. So, it is bring a lot of convenience to the user. 

(I really hope this is not the fake one... Jebal (please)...*crossed finger*)

Compact and light 

And simply insert AAA battery here and you are ready to used. Nice and simple. Just like that.

So far, I have used it twice a day during shower and I am satisfied with the product. I do have doubt that this product is the fake one, since it did not cleanse my nose which full of blackhead (well, sometimes) really well. But I do not dare to ask my sister since it is a present from her. But I could feel the different of my skin after using it. I feel more smooth and glowing at the same time. So, it still doing it job despite of unable to tackle my stubborn blackhead. Whatever, still feeling satisfied with it. (^-^)

So, out of 5 stars, my verdict for this Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser is:

Thank you, Dongsaeng from the bottom of my heart. I really love your gift eventhough it is not as perfect as I expected. I love you, Sis! 

For more information on this product, you may click this link below:

(Picture credit to google search)

Till next time!

xoxo, h

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